Club Dress Policy

Penshurst RSL Club dress regulations apply to all members and guests entering the club premises and whilst in general areas of the club’s facilities. This is to help maintain the high standards enjoyed by our customers. Neat, clean, casual attire is permitted at all times. 

The following clothing items are not permitted at any time:

  • Suggestive, offensive or obscenely printed clothing 
  • Soiled clothing, including torn and frayed clothing 
  • Singlets, tank tops or sleeveless sweatshirts  
  • Dirty footwear, slippers or scuffs 
  • Bike and gang colours and/or patches 
  • Sporting attire, including bicycle shorts, swimwear and leotards
  • Headwear, including hoodies, hats and beanies 

Headwear must be removed if requested by staff, except when medical or religious reasons apply. Helmets must be removed whilst on club premises. For safety reasons, footwear must be worn at all times. Thongs are permitted prior to 8PM. It is required that members and guests maintain a good standard of personal hygiene. 

Please make note of these requirements prior to visiting the club as we reserve the right to deny entry to any person not adhering to these dress standards. Whilst we wish for all customers to enjoy our facilities, dress standards remain at the discretion of club management at all times.