Responsible Conduct of Gaming Policy

Penshurst RSL Club, in partnership with Clubs NSW and the ClubSafe program, aim to achieve best practice in the responsible service of gambling. The ClubSafe program achieves this by offering a variety of tools, training and services to help clubs concerned with gambling best practice.  

The ClubSafe self-exclusion process provides customers the option to choose to be excluded from the club. The Multi-Venue Self-Exclusion (MVSE) program is an online system designed to enable people with a gambling problem to self-exclude from venues around where they live, work and socialise. Over the past decade, self-exclusion and face-to-face counselling have worked hand-in-hand to assist problem gamblers overcome destructive behaviour. 

Members and visitors have the right to exclude themselves from the club. Our club managers are trained to be a confidential point of contact to handle problem gambling issues. Staff are trained to ensure discretion regarding matters of problem gamblers. For more information on the self-exclusion option please contact the duty manager or operations manager in person, or telephone 02 9580 3749. 

The club provides its gaming and wagering services in a responsible manner through the creation of a responsible gambling environment for its members, guests and visitors.

This policy is to facilitate the provision of gambling services to members, guests and visitors in a responsible, friendly and professional manner. The policy objectives are to:

  1. Avoid, where possible, harm goes to a person as a result of using the club’s gambling facilities
  2. Prevent persons under the age of 18 years from gambling in the club
  3. Train all employee in the responsible service of gambling
  4. Responsibly promote the club’s gambling activities and facilities
  5. Reduce problem gambling by identifying and assisting problem gamblers through self-exclusion and involuntary exclusion from the premises. In addition, provide problem gamblers with accredited counselling services 

The club has adopted the following guidelines and procedures to achieve these objectives:

  1. Implement and monitor this policy
  2. Provide adequate signage and brochures in appropriate areas that promote responsible gambling and inform a gambler of specialist counselling and other problem gambling services
  3. Not advertise market or conduct gaming promotions that encourage irresponsible and/or excessive gambling
  4. Deny entry to those under 18 years into the gaming areas of the club
  5. Implement responsible practices in the handling of financial transactions
  6. Ensure that automatic teller machines are located outside the authorised gaming area of the club
  7. Refer patrons who request assistance to an accredited problem gambling counsellor
Player activity statements are available upon request. 

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