Responsible Service of Alcohol Policy 

The Penshurst RSL club’s directors, management and employees are committed to the responsible service of alcohol. The clubs responsible service of alcohol policy aims to prevent intoxication, underage drinking, disruptive or violent behaviour and drink driving. 

Penshurst RSL encourages responsible promotion and advertising practices in order to ensure it is not providing inappropriate alcoholic beverage service. Responsible service of alcohol signage is posted in bars and on in house advertising screens throughout the club.

Penshurst RSL manages a contracted taxi service as a safe transport option. Regular taxis are available at any time during the clubs trading hours. 

Food, water and low or non-alcoholic beverages are always available during club trading hours. Free water is available at all club bars during operation. Food vending machines are available for the use of patrons. 

Penshurst RSL has adopted the following house policy as a framework for the responsible service of alcohol. This includes, but not limited to:

  • Refusing entry to anyone who is believed to be under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs
  • Liquor service will be refused to underage people. Additionally, we will require proof of age when requested which may include driver’s license and/or proof of age card before providing service. This includes take away liquor purchases. 
  • Any patron found on the premises that is considered to be approaching the point of intoxication will be refused service of alcohol and asked to leave the premises. 
  • Penshurst RSL ensures all employees hold a current RSA certification and are trained in the responsible service of alcohol. This is to ensure they understand their duty of care towards our patrons and their responsibilities in order for us to remain compliant under the liquor act. 
  • Alcohol will not be promoted in a way that encourages minors to seek purchase, or consumption of alcohol on our premises. Any minor that approaches a bar or is found in a restricted area will be returned to a child friendly part of the club. 
  • The club will not support any promotional practice that encourages the excessive consumption of alcohol, or the rapid consumption of alcohol. 
  • Members and visitors can be banned, or have their memberships suspended, for any ongoing responsible service of alcohol occurrences, or major breaches of club policy. 
  • No patron will be served triple nips of spirits. 
  • No patron will be served shots, double nips or any drink designed for rapid consumption after midnight. 
  • Penshurst RSL will display and refer to intoxication signs in order to support our responsible attitude and meet legislative requirements. We self-regulate all internal liquor signage by carrying out periodical inspections and licence checks. 
  • Penshurst RSL ensures that any products declared by the Minister as undesirable are not sold, or promoted, on our club premises. 

All responsible service of alcohol related incidents are recorded in the security log book.

Alcohol and the Law

In NSW various acts control the sale and service of alcohol. There are four basic points which are relevant to responsible serving practices. 

  • A person shall not sell or supply liquor to a person under the age of 18 years.
  • A licensee shall not permit intoxication or any indecent, violent or quarrelsome conduct on their licensed premises.
  • A person shall not sell or supply liquor to any person who is at the time affected by alcohol. 
  • Where a person is affected by alcohol on the licensed premises, the licensee shall be deemed to have permitted intoxication on premise unless they and their employees took all reasonable steps to prevent it from occurring on the licensed premises. 

The liquor licensing act aims to ensure that those who consume alcohol only do so in a responsible manner. Penshurst RSL Club is committed to the principles of responsible service of alcohol. All employees must adhere to the following responsible service of alcohol practices. If you wish to discuss the alcohol requirements of your function, please do not hesitate to contact us. It is an offence to permit intoxication on club premises. The club promotes the responsible service of alcohol. Penshurst RSL is a member of the St. George Liquor Accord.