Under 18’s Club Policy

Minors are welcome at Penshurst RSL Club. If you are bringing a minor (under 18 years of age) to the club it is law that they accompanied by a responsible adult. The NSW office of liquor, gaming and racing defines a responsible adult as:

  • A parent, step parent or guardian of the minor 
  • The minor’s spouse or any person who ordinarily lives with the minor on a permanent and domestic basis 
  • A person who is, for the time being, exercising the rights of the minor’s parent, step parent or guardian

We ask that minors remain in the constant company of a responsible adult at all times, whilst on club premises.

Under NSW liquor laws, minors can be fined for breaking the law, such as entering or remaining in a bar area of a hotel or registered club and consuming alcohol on a licensed premises. Whilst minors are welcome at your function or club run activities it is an offence for them to approach or obtain service from the bar. We ask that responsible adults pay attention to signage throughout the club regarding restricted areas for minors.