Sub Branch

Penshurst RSL Sub-Branch is a Returned Soldiers charitable organisation dedicated to the assistance and welfare of active service and ex-service Defence Force members and their dependants.

We have separate offices to the Penshurst RSL social club and our Adminstration, Pensions & Welfare personnel are located on the lower ground floor of the premises:

58a Penshurst Street, Penshurst NSW 2222.

Sub Branch Life Members

A Beattie^, W Chin, L Macrae, K Nieass, R Norrish, N Sandstrom, J Hoban

^ Transferred from another sub branch.

J Grier*, J Allan*, A Brawn*, M White*, O Hodge*, T Turner*, W Brett*, N D Tinsley*, P Comway*, C Meaghter*, R W Griffiths*, H Phillips*, F Freeman*, K Crawley*, A Fraser*, H Bain*, J A Boulton*, W K Richards*, N Swadling*, J Bombell*, R Mcllhoney*, C Wilson*, L Barker*, T R Ross*, R Notley*, W H Parker*, J A Fugaccia*, B V Shakesepear*, W Harrison*, O J Deas*, L Betts*, W Graham*, F Hardwicke*, L W Hill*, W Dunn*

* Deceased.